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Summer Weddings!! July 29, 2010

As some of you may know, I am tying the knot this September (yea!), some of my best friends are getting married, and I am gaining a sister-in-law!

In the spirit of the summer, here are a few of my favorite wedding ideas!  (Some may be in my own wedding!  Can you spot them!??)  Ok, an idea!!  Let’s have a contest!!  Whoever can guess correctly which few of these I am using for my wedding, you will receive a FREE custom CLEMENTINY TUNIC!! HINT: There are a few;) You have to guess perfectly to win!  You can keep trying!!

JULIA wins!!!  Thank you all for playing and I will do this again soon!

Super cute- for the little ladies!  So simple, yet so sweet.

Smitten Kitten Pussy Willow Bouquet

Sola Natural Cream Sun Daisies

~ These sun daisies are made of WOOD!!!  Aren’t they stunning!??

These custom cake toppers from are so life-like it is amazing!!

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers with Dog

Dried flower bouquet??  Yes, please.  LOVE

craspedia bunch

I love me a tea length dress!!!

Serenity-Tea Length Strapless Wedding Dress

twiggy - wire vine crown

Kind of Jesus-like but super duper cute!!!!

Kind of love everything about this!!

Dear Prudence Wedding DressBridesmaids?  BridesBABES!!

Evening Dress - Hand Dyed and Free Hand Painted

Good luck everyone!!!  You could either reply here or email me your guesses!!!

I hope you are all having an awesome sumer!!



30 Responses to “Summer Weddings!!”

  1. Kristin Beller Says:

    Eeeeeee, I love them all; you have great taste! I guess the pussywillow bouquet and the Dandelionland cake toppers (Pamela made these for our wedding cake–they were a HIT!)

    So exciting–I wish you the best!!


  2. char Says:

    the Tea length dress…
    the pussy willow bouquet…
    and the cake topppers…
    ALL gorgeous but I think you’ll be using these.
    CONGRATS by the way, and SUCH a wonderful competition.

  3. Kristin Beller Says:

    Toppers, dried yellow flowers, wood sundaisies!

  4. julia Says:

    yellow dried flowers and sun daisies and twiggy crown? ❤

  5. julia Says:

    yellow dried flowers, crown and wo0d daisies

  6. Ahhh… I love this! My guess:

    Toppers, wood sundaisies, twiggy crown!

  7. Kristin Beller Says:

    Toppers, sundaisies, red/white decorations!

  8. toppers, wood sundaisies, yellow dried flowers?

  9. Kristin Beller Says:

    Toppers, Yellow flowers, twiggy crown??

  10. you are KILLING me, Kar. 😉

    toppers, yellow flowers, pussy willow bouquet?

  11. julia Says:

    crown, pussy willow bouqet, toppers

  12. julia Says:

    yellow dried flowers and sun daisies and twiggy crown and tea length dress

  13. toppers, yellow flowers, sun daisies, twiggy crown?

  14. julia Says:

    yellow dried flowers and sun daisies and twiggy crown and pussy willows

  15. Kristin Beller Says:

    Toppers, yellow flowers, twiggy crown, tea length dress!

    • Ugghh!! So close!! Julia wins!

      **yellow dried flowers and sun daisies and twiggy crown and pussy willows**

      But, now I am convinced that I must get the cake toppers!!
      Thanks so much ladies!!!!

      I will do this again soon!!


  16. julia Says:

    yay!!!! wo0ho0 thank you<3

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