Clementiny Clothing

Hand Made Clothes

About January 23, 2010


I take a lot of pride in the clothes I make because it is something that I LOVE to do! I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. All of my items are completely hand made by me using only 100% re-purposed and recycled materials. Most of what I use is vintage as well. There is nothing better than being able to make something beautiful out of something someone else thought was useless!! Help the planet and look GREAT doing it!

I use a variety of textiles in my designs. I am inspired by beautiful and unique fabrics. All of the items in Clementiny Clothing are all my original designs so you won’t find these styles anywhere else! Clementiny Clothing items are elegant yet functional that have a modern edge but still are very fun. I hope you found exactly what you were looking for, but if not I would be happy to design something to meet your needs. Please email me with any questions that you may have. A Clementiny item always makes a classy and unique gift. I will happily gift wrap and enclose a note for your recipient if you would like me to ship directly to the lucky person. My measurements are based on average sizes. Everything in Clementiny is ready to ship. I am constantly making new items so be sure to check back often!! Thanks for taking a peek at our shop; I am thrilled you stopped in!


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Kristen Says:

    I love your site! We both love to repurpose, reuse, & renew! I feel inspired by all your eco friendly wears! Keep up the great job! Looking forward to new posts.

  2. HI Kristen!!

    Thank you so much for checking out my things! I am excited to see what you have coming to your shop!

  3. Yael Berger Says:

    Its fantastic to know that you care for the plante, and looking at your etsy shop you are doing it beautifuly

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