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Back to School with Vintage!!! September 18, 2010

Ok, so it had been FOREVER since my last post.  I am surprised my account was still open;o

Anywhoo…….kids are going back to school and Clementine is starting her first real “preschool” on Monday!  (yay!!!)  So I was hunting for some sweet little finds for her and came across some seriously ADORABLE vintage items, that someone MUST own!!!

These were what started it all off for me and my hunt for children’s vintage shoes.  I bought these for Clementine about a year ago and she has been wearing them ever since!  So super cute and I tell Robbie that it is important for her to have ‘different’ things because it keeps her ‘quirky’;)

Mini Hippie

And these are her new ones for this year!  LOVE them!!!

1950's Mother Goose

Soooooo although I want to, Robbie will KILL me if I buy 15 pairs of shoes for a kid who is growing an inch a month.   So here they are!!  Some lucky kids need to have them!!

Size 5.5-6!

Gray Vintage Baby Toddler Shoes

These are next on my list…… my cart even…..

Size 5.5-6/7

Vintage Kiltie Oxford Child's Mary Jane

Also in my cart, but I won’t be mad at cha, if you have to have them;)

Size 9

Vintage Red and White Childs Shoes

Ahhhh!!  What’s not to love!??

Size 3-5?

Vintage 70s Toddler Running Shoes

OMG OMG OMG!!!!  I wish Clementine didn’t have monster feet!

Size 3.5

Sweet Little vintage Childrens Shoes

Love them scuffs and all!

Size 3

Vintage Boys Shoes

For the little prepster!  So cute!!!

Size  7-ish?

Vintage Toddler Blue Boat Shoes

And last but not least, these itty bitty sneaks!

Size 2

Vintage Baby Navy Blue Velcro Sneakers

Buy them up!!!



Summer Weddings!! July 29, 2010

As some of you may know, I am tying the knot this September (yea!), some of my best friends are getting married, and I am gaining a sister-in-law!

In the spirit of the summer, here are a few of my favorite wedding ideas!  (Some may be in my own wedding!  Can you spot them!??)  Ok, an idea!!  Let’s have a contest!!  Whoever can guess correctly which few of these I am using for my wedding, you will receive a FREE custom CLEMENTINY TUNIC!! HINT: There are a few;) You have to guess perfectly to win!  You can keep trying!!

JULIA wins!!!  Thank you all for playing and I will do this again soon!

Super cute- for the little ladies!  So simple, yet so sweet.

Smitten Kitten Pussy Willow Bouquet

Sola Natural Cream Sun Daisies

~ These sun daisies are made of WOOD!!!  Aren’t they stunning!??

These custom cake toppers from are so life-like it is amazing!!

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers with Dog

Dried flower bouquet??  Yes, please.  LOVE

craspedia bunch

I love me a tea length dress!!!

Serenity-Tea Length Strapless Wedding Dress

twiggy - wire vine crown

Kind of Jesus-like but super duper cute!!!!

Kind of love everything about this!!

Dear Prudence Wedding DressBridesmaids?  BridesBABES!!

Evening Dress - Hand Dyed and Free Hand Painted

Good luck everyone!!!  You could either reply here or email me your guesses!!!

I hope you are all having an awesome sumer!!



Step 3: construction March 23, 2010

Hello all!  The construction process can be quite time consuming when sewing clothing drafted on your own.  Unlike with a pattern that you buy at the store, there are no instructions with numbered steps to follow.  This romper took me about two, 12 hour days to complete.  This will be worn by my model Kiersten in the Runway show in May.  There is an exposed zipper in the back and wire in the sleeves so that they can be tucked under and short (as shown) or out.  Hope everyone likes it!


the designing process, step one: inspiration March 21, 2010

I thought it would be a good idea to go through the different stages of the designing process.  This process is ever-changing, it evolves over time.  In fashion design, as well as many other art forms, the initial step is inspiration.  For my class, I was required to create a Concept Board in Photoshop, which must include a color palette and silhouettes, as well as pictures that express what inspire you.  The theme of the Buff State fashion show this year is Technology.  Initially, I found it difficult to find a connection between my design aesthetic and technology, but after a lot of reflection and brainstorming, I finally got it.

I was inspired by the architecture of the Musée du Louvre in Paris, which is both modern and traditional. Functionality and innovation are two key terms that come to my mind when dealing with technology. The function or purpose of my technology is transformation.  I incorporated wire into certain seam-lines of my garments so that they can be morphed into a different look.  That is what technology is meant for, to make life a little bit easier, a little more fun and a little more carefree!

I hope this kind of sums up the first piece of the design process.  Inspiration can be one of the most complicated parts of design because it is so fluid.  The things that inspire me are always evolving; there are no boundaries when it comes to life experience and what may change your point of view.  That is why the design process is so exciting, it is not static, your mind never stays in one place for too long.  It allows you to grow and learn from life everyday.