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Summer Weddings!! July 29, 2010

As some of you may know, I am tying the knot this September (yea!), some of my best friends are getting married, and I am gaining a sister-in-law!

In the spirit of the summer, here are a few of my favorite wedding ideas!  (Some may be in my own wedding!  Can you spot them!??)  Ok, an idea!!  Let’s have a contest!!  Whoever can guess correctly which few of these I am using for my wedding, you will receive a FREE custom CLEMENTINY TUNIC!! HINT: There are a few;) You have to guess perfectly to win!  You can keep trying!!

JULIA wins!!!  Thank you all for playing and I will do this again soon!

Super cute- for the little ladies!  So simple, yet so sweet.

Smitten Kitten Pussy Willow Bouquet

Sola Natural Cream Sun Daisies

~ These sun daisies are made of WOOD!!!  Aren’t they stunning!??

These custom cake toppers from are so life-like it is amazing!!

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers with Dog

Dried flower bouquet??  Yes, please.  LOVE

craspedia bunch

I love me a tea length dress!!!

Serenity-Tea Length Strapless Wedding Dress

twiggy - wire vine crown

Kind of Jesus-like but super duper cute!!!!

Kind of love everything about this!!

Dear Prudence Wedding DressBridesmaids?  BridesBABES!!

Evening Dress - Hand Dyed and Free Hand Painted

Good luck everyone!!!  You could either reply here or email me your guesses!!!

I hope you are all having an awesome sumer!!



Beat the Heat (or at least pretend to) July 7, 2010

Ok, so here in Buffalo, it is so hot I cannot even stand it!  I decided to find a few fun things that help me forget about how hot I am 🙂

For the kiddos!!  Bring along on a picnic to keep your kids  imagination going!

A favorite lunch combination of play foods, it looks good enough to eat! A delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich made with the unique Royal Rugrats bread. Each slice feels just like the real thing and has hand stitching for the entire crust! A side of tortilla chips with a fun scalloped edge and the brand new peanut butter and cracker snack to complete this lunch set. Crackers are made of a double layer of eco fi felt and hand stitched edges stuffed with peanut butter spread. So many ways for your Royal Chef to enjoy pretend cooking or getting ready for their own imagination picnic!

Felt Play Food Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich with Crackers and Tortilla Chips

For your wall!

This is just the most ADORABLE print I have ever seen!!  In fact, the whole shop is so fabulous!!  So bright and fun!

Wheeee! It’s Banana Surfing!

Banana Surfing

AGGGHHHHHHH!!!  LOVE this so much!!  Mikiep’s prints are just so adorable and sweet, I could browse through them all day!!

Do you remember the good old days when you were young 🙂 After finishing a “MMMM good” Can of Soup, You would go out in the backyard with you BFF and make yourself a String telephone. It would always amaze me that is would actually work Aww to go back in time when a couple can and a string would entertain me for hours 🙂

Lets Play Telephone

Get in those bathing suits!!!  If you are lucky enough to need one, I would recommend visiting  FABULOUS!!!!  I want every single one!  And the photos are just to die for!!

She is really comfortable, and she’s perfect for you if you like to be active in your swimsuits. You would feel pretty secure wearing her eventhough she is a tube suit, but she also comes with hot pink strings that are detachable so you can wear her either way you like.


Put on your favorite summer dress and have a drink!  (and if you don’t have one, visit ;P)  hehehe  OR this fabulous Etsy shop, !  They have some really sweet and fun things!!!  I want to live in this bubble dress!!!

Orange Flowers Bubble Dress

Well, I hope you had fun looking at some of my favorite summer picks!!
And for those of you at work in an air conditioned office……….. You are LUCKY!!!  hehehehe



Father’s Day!!! June 20, 2010

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We all have some really great guys in our lives, whether they are dad’s or not, they all deserve a little something special now and then!!  Here are a few of my favorite GUY GIFTS!!

Choose a word that shows how you feel, where you met or an inside joke!  Kelsy Henke photographs letters, mounts and seals them onto wood!  Love them!!  So bright and fun, sure to bring color to any house or office!!

Family Rules!??  Barn Owl Primitives on Etsy hand paints them on a pine board so you can display them for everyone to see!  What an adorable idea to keep everyone up on how to treat each other, because we all know it is easy to forget;)

Every guy needs a new wallet!!  They are always falling apart or putting holes in the pockets of their jeans, falling out and getting lost.

These great repurposed leather wallets from Archer Ave on Etsy are great and span all kinds of tastes from the rugged, country man to the suit wearer on Wall Street.

They also come in a really great carrying case that can be used for a bunch of things from receipts, paper clips, photos…..

PhotoAtelier on Etsy makes these really awesome personalized photo blocks.  Ugghhh!!  I just love them and want my house to be covered in them!!!

Ok, I was about finished…..and then I came across this……….


I hope everyone has an awesome Father’s day!!!!!!!!!!



Coral Gardening?? May 14, 2010

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This is AMAZING!  Coral gardening????  I was recently watching a television show on the Pacific and I was just amazed by this.

All over the world, there are serious concerns about the state of our coral reefs.
Some scientists estimate we’ve already lost 5 percent of all reefs on the planet.

But would life really be so different if there were no coral reefs left in the world? Aside from the aesthetic loss of one of the most beautiful habitats on earth, corals are a vital source of food and provide a livelihood for a surprising number of the world’s inhabitants – somewhere between 200 million and 500 million people.


Extraordinary new ocean ‘reseeding’ techniques mean that there still may be time to halt-or even reverse-the destruction os these marine marvels.

Mother corals are first established in the coral farms, by trimming sections off of wild corals.

After growing the mother corals for about two years, the corals reach the size of a large dinner plate.

These second-generation corals are either replanted into restoration sites, onto coral castles, or harvested, bleached and coloured with acrylic paints to re-establish a more realistic coral colour, and marketed to support the community development and conservation work.

Here is a really fabulous video: : that shows what dedicated coral gardeners are doing to restore the declining reefs in Fiji.


Farmers Market Time!! May 8, 2010

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HI everyone!!
I have not given up blogging, but I have to admit I have been a bit of a slacker….. 😀

Today, here in Buffalo, is a day I look forward to throughout our long winter………the Bidwell Farmers Market begins!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!

So have fun!!!  And maybe you will find a fabulous estate sale along the way!!  (or maybe that is just my dream)

So if you are LUCKY enough to have a farmers market in your town, get you tuchies out there!!  It will be fun and delicious, I promise!!

Here are a few ideas that may help you narrow down your wants as you step into the fruit and veggie paradise.

* Buy food that you can eat without cooking.  That you can pop in your mouth as a heathy snack!

* Buy one totally crazy thing you have never eaten before.  Go home, look up some recipes and maybe find a new favorite!

* Buy some LOCAL honey.  Local honey has been shown to help those suffering the yucky-ness of allergies.

* Get some advice!  Ask the growers themselves how to prepare it!

* Buy someone you love a nice bundle of flowers.


Clementiny at Summer Studio! April 18, 2010

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I am super excited that Clementiny is going to be a part of the awesome women’s collection for Summer Studio!!!

In Summer 2010 Clementiny will be taking over (we hope, hehe) the gallery spaces at 21st and Ocean Drive in Avalon, NJ.  Summer Studio is an art and design gallery presented as a life-style shop.  Introducing the customer to an approachable way to bring art and design into their homes and lives.

A little bit about Avalon…
Avalon is a seaside community whose population swells from a quaint and picturesque town of approximately 2000, to a vibrant beach resort of 45,000 during the peak summer season.

Avalon was named one of the “50 next great towns to live and play” by National Geographic Magazine.

Forbes Magazine listed Avalon as one of the most expensive zip codes in the United States.

Neighbors of the vacationing Greater Philadelphia area families include notable names Oprah Winfrey, John BonJovi, and various sports personalities and their families. All who have owned homes in Avalon, NJ.

The Washingtonian Magazine named Avalon “the chicest beach in the Mid Atlantic”.

So if your in the area, stop in!!!


Mother’s Day!! (may 9th, so don’t forget;D) April 6, 2010

Celebrate your Mama!

Here are some really sweetie sweet ideas that any mother would LOVE to have!  Well, at least I would 😉

These adorable handmade, unique clay flowers are the perfect gift!!  For those who are oh so sad when their flower petals start to fall after a few days on the windowsill.  Put them on a bookshelf or stick them in your garden!!

Tiger Lily Bouquet-The Joy of Color

Love is in the Air-The Joy of Color

Sooooo sweet!! These Kokeshi dolls are Japanese dolls, originally from northern Japan.  You can even add your own personal message!!!

Love of a Mother-Kokeshi Dolls-my Kokeshi

What could be cuter than having your family made into dolls!!!!!

Put them in your purse, by your bedside, in your lunch box or anywhere you need a little extra Mommy Love!

Buttercup Family-Dawn Alice Designs

One more little sweetie!! Bird nest evokes our attachment to home and family. Stone “Egg” in bird nest is a cuddly representation of that long lasting bond with family.

Mom's Nest-sjengraving

I hope this helps some of your babes (and dad’s) find the perfect mother’s day gift for their special mom!!!