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Beat the Heat (or at least pretend to) July 7, 2010

Ok, so here in Buffalo, it is so hot I cannot even stand it! ¬†I decided to find a few fun things that help me forget about how hot I am ūüôā

For the kiddos!!  Bring along on a picnic to keep your kids  imagination going!

A favorite lunch combination of play foods, it looks good enough to eat! A delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich made with the unique Royal Rugrats bread. Each slice feels just like the real thing and has hand stitching for the entire crust! A side of tortilla chips with a fun scalloped edge and the brand new peanut butter and cracker snack to complete this lunch set. Crackers are made of a double layer of eco fi felt and hand stitched edges stuffed with peanut butter spread. So many ways for your Royal Chef to enjoy pretend cooking or getting ready for their own imagination picnic!

Felt Play Food Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich with Crackers and Tortilla Chips

For your wall!

This is just the most ADORABLE print I have ever seen!!  In fact, the whole shop is so fabulous!!  So bright and fun!

Wheeee! It’s Banana Surfing!

Banana Surfing

AGGGHHHHHHH!!! ¬†LOVE this so much!! ¬†Mikiep’s prints are just so adorable and sweet, I could browse through them all day!!

Do you remember the good old days when you were young ūüôā After finishing a “MMMM good” Can of Soup, You would go out in the backyard with you BFF and make yourself a String telephone. It would always amaze me that is would actually work Aww to go back in time when a couple can and a string would entertain me for hours ūüôā

Lets Play Telephone

Get in those bathing suits!!!  If you are lucky enough to need one, I would recommend visiting  FABULOUS!!!!  I want every single one!  And the photos are just to die for!!

She is really comfortable, and she’s perfect for you if you like to be active in your swimsuits.¬†You would feel pretty secure wearing her eventhough she is a tube suit, but she also comes with hot pink strings that are detachable so you can wear her either way you like.


Put on your favorite summer dress and have a drink! ¬†(and if you don’t have one, visit ;P) ¬†hehehe ¬†OR this fabulous Etsy shop, ¬† ! ¬†They have some really sweet and fun things!!! ¬†I want to live in this bubble dress!!!

Orange Flowers Bubble Dress

Well, I hope you had fun looking at some of my favorite summer picks!!
And for those of you at work in an air conditioned office……….. You are LUCKY!!! ¬†hehehehe



i am home March 4, 2010

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OK, so I am OBSESSED!!  I am not sure anything needs to be said, but I am just in LOVE with this shop!!

i am home is a shop that specializes in unique decor art pieces to make your house feel like your home. All of our items are handmade by Sarah and Joseph with a whole lot of love.

Set of green glass forest magnets

wall interiors (north wall)

They aim to use reclaimed and refurbished materials in all of their pieces. They scour old buildings, visit Rebuilding Exchange (the best building reuse material center in Chicago), and scavenge art schools for discarded wood and supplies.
~please check out their nearly finished artist website at