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Coral Gardening?? May 14, 2010

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This is AMAZING!  Coral gardening????  I was recently watching a television show on the Pacific and I was just amazed by this.

All over the world, there are serious concerns about the state of our coral reefs.
Some scientists estimate we’ve already lost 5 percent of all reefs on the planet.

But would life really be so different if there were no coral reefs left in the world? Aside from the aesthetic loss of one of the most beautiful habitats on earth, corals are a vital source of food and provide a livelihood for a surprising number of the world’s inhabitants – somewhere between 200 million and 500 million people.


Extraordinary new ocean ‘reseeding’ techniques mean that there still may be time to halt-or even reverse-the destruction os these marine marvels.

Mother corals are first established in the coral farms, by trimming sections off of wild corals.

After growing the mother corals for about two years, the corals reach the size of a large dinner plate.

These second-generation corals are either replanted into restoration sites, onto coral castles, or harvested, bleached and coloured with acrylic paints to re-establish a more realistic coral colour, and marketed to support the community development and conservation work.

Here is a really fabulous video: : that shows what dedicated coral gardeners are doing to restore the declining reefs in Fiji.